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1992 - beginning of DUOFIL as an industrial project, for the extrusion of UPVC for the building market.

Until 1995- DUOFIL manufactures and assembly of UPVC carpentry, with the objective of creating an market for the products to produce.

1995 - on the second trimester of this year, DUOFIL started the extrusion of PEX pipes and UPVC carpentry. on the end of the year, the process of manufacture and assembly of UPVC carpentry was close.

1996 - DUOFIL extends the range of extrusion to PE pipes for water and gas transport, as well as PP pipes.

Na organize quality safe system program were initialised.

1997 - multiplayer pipe extrusion were started. Exportation for Italy, Spain and Belgium started also. An quality management system were implanted to satisfies the NP EN ISO 9001 norm.

1998 - creation of new products for new markets. Extending of the international market.

1999 - beginning of the PEX/AL/PEX pipes production. Regular exportation for central Europe countries.

Gain of the NP EN ISO 9001:1995. Gain of the AENOR certificate for the PE-Xb.

2000 - the production of PE-Xa pipes ( engel method), with peroxide reticulation, were started.  Gain of the METALPEX and FILTERMO certification by the SKZ( German).

2001 - beginning of the SANIFIL pipes production.  Certification of the FILÁGUA and FILGÁS pipes by AENOR( Spain).

2002 - beginning of the production of PE-RT/AL/PE-RT certification of the FILPEX-a and VICOPROP pipes by AENOR(Spain).  Transition of the quality management system to NP EN ISO 9001: 2000. Renovation of the certification according with this designation.

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