Who we are...

Portuguese company originated in 1991, Vila do Conde.

With more than 25 years of experience in the pipelines field and focused mainly on the external market, was the first multilayer pipes producer in the Iberian Peninsula.

Throughout its activity, it has always solidified its presence through the development of technical products for the construction market.

DUOFIL is a company certified according to NP EN ISO 9001, since 1999.

The scope of its certification is included in APCER's certificate 1999 / CEP.864.

This document and its quality and environmental policy may be made available upon request.


1992 - beginning of DUOFIL as an industrial project, for the extrusion of UPVC for the building market.

Until 1995- DUOFIL manufactures and assembly of UPVC carpentry, with the objective of creating an market for the products to produce.

1995 - on the second trimester of this year, DUOFIL started the extrusion of PEX pipes and UPVC carpentry. on the end of the year, the process of manufacture and assembly of UPVC carpentry was close.

1996 - DUOFIL extends the range of extrusion to PE pipes for water and gas transport, as well as PP pipes.

Na organize quality safe system program were initialised.

1997 - multiplayer pipe extrusion were started. Exportation for Italy, Spain and Belgium started also. An quality management system were implanted to satisfies the NP EN ISO 9001 norm.

1998 - creation of new products for new markets. Extending of the international market.

1999 - beginning of the PEX/AL/PEX pipes production. Regular exportation for central Europe countries.

Gain of the NP EN ISO 9001:1995. Gain of the AENOR certificate for the PE-Xb.

2000 - the production of PE-Xa pipes ( engel method), with peroxide reticulation, were started.  Gain of the METALPEX and FILTERMO certification by the SKZ( German).

2001 - beginning of the SANIFIL pipes production.  Certification of the FILÁGUA and FILGÁS pipes by AENOR( Spain).

2002 - Beginning of the production of multilayer pipes of the PERT-AL-PERT type. Certification of Filpex-a and Vicoprop products by AENOR. Renewal of the certification and transition from the Quality Management System to the normative reference NP EN ISO 9001: 2000. Changing the scope of SGI certification with the inclusion of the multilayer product. Obtained certification of the Quality Management System by AENOR, through the IQnet network.

2003 - Constitution of Duofil.com. Obtaining the certification of Metalpex and Maximetal products by AENOR. Decision to qualify GDP suppliers for PE100 polyethylene pipes and start of the process. Obtaining the certification of the Environmental Management System of the company according to NP EN ISO 14001: 1999, by APCER.

2004 - Certification of Filpex-a (LNEC). Decision to integrate Duofil's Quality and Environment Management Systems. Decision to extend the Quality and Environment certifications to Duofil.com. Completion of the GDP supplier qualification process.

2005 - Obtaining the homologation with Metalpex certification (LNEC). Completion of the CSTB certification process for the same product (France). Begin the process of certification of Filgás tubes in the national market with the aim of widening the product distribution area.

2006 - Obtaining product certification in Belgium (PEX-AL-PEX in ATG) and Portugal (Filgás in CERTIF). Launch of new product ranges, namely Unicsystem. Beginning of the project of the new industrial unit in Pedrógão. Beginning of the integration of Duofil Injection into SGI of Duofil.

2007 - Start of industrial activity in the Pedrógão Grande unit. Extension of the APCER certification to the new unit and the product certificates manufactured in it. Obtaining certification of products in Spain (BOXER accessories and systems). Continued integration of Duofil Injection into SGI of Duofil.

2008 - Installation and start-up of a new production line of multilayer pipes. Beginning of the logistics and expedition activity in the new warehouse of finished product, goods and raw materials. Beginning of the certification process for PERT-AL-PERT tubes and BOXER accessories in France (CSTB). Optimization of resources in particular through the use of internally generated waste in the manufacture of packaging for own consumption. Beginning of Duofil's licensing process as waste manager.

2009 - Obtaining the certification of the accessories in PPSU and their respective systems, in AENOR; extension of the AENOR and CERTIF certifications to the products manufactured in the industrial unit of Pedrógão; certification of PERT multilayer pipes and fittings at PPSU, at CSTB.

2010 - Maintenance of the range of products, with special focus on the French market. Adequacy of the number of certifications of product to the current reality of the market and consequent reduction of costs.

2011 - Significant increase in market share for more specialized products.

2012 - Maintenance of the range of products entering the Slovak market.

2013 - Maintenance of the range of products, with special focus on the French market.Market entry in Poland and Panama.

2014 - Market entry for Latvia, Russia, Mexico and Brazil.Obtaining certification of multilayer and PE-Xa tubes, with and without anti-oxygen barrier, in Russia.Development of products with own brand for new customers and with specific requirements.Increase in the production capacity of PIPE IN PIPE pipes through the acquisition of a further production line and a new measuring line.

2015 - Resumption of activity in the industrial unit in Pedrógão Grande.Development and launch of new product - FILGEO. Acquisition of new equipment for product packaging in order to extend the customers' packaging options (Plasticband).

2016 - Extension of product range to new customers in Russia. Reintegration in the national market.

2017 - Significant increase in the number of customers in the domestic market and in the volume of invoicing in the Spanish market. Growth in customer diversity and new markets. Development and launch of new product - FILREGA.Growth trend continues in the first quarter of 2018.
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